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10 worst sayings singles hear at Valentin's Day

" Still alone ?

Weird, you're not that ugly... "

" Please, tell me you are not virgin anymore..."

" Are you sure you don't suffer

any gastric reflux? "

" If you want to meet new people,

swingers club are perfect, you know "

" That's funny:

when I was your age I got my first kid "

" If you want to be loved,

you first have to love yourself "

" Maybe you are a bit too demanding "

" Don't worry, I also was single for a long period.

That was the worst week of my life "

" If you prefer relationships with people

of the same gender, it's not a problem "

" Do you know Thomas is single as well?

Yes, it's your cousin, but... you see how demanding your are "

Some sayings actually could turn you into a serial killer at Valentine 's Day. And cherry on the cake, your Instagram feed will be nourished with pictures of couples filled with happiness... #SoMuchLove #TonsOfRoses or worst... #MarriageProposal !

FuckValentineSday: a gift code made for singles...

On Puzme (the new app where singles discover each other by exchanging seducing details), we like to shake things up. What if Valentine's Day was a celebration day for singles? So in order to make things happen, we created a gift code a bit unusual: FuckStValentin

If you wish to use this gift code, just:

  1. Download Puzme (free on iPhone & Android)
  2. Enter the gift code in the My Profile tab
  3. Enjoy our Premium features for free

Singles of the world, enjoy being single!
Live, meet, laugh, fall in love, have an orgasm, or two... There is only one thing we wish you: may you be the one who will publish #TooMuchLove on Instagram ;)

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