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3 major new features

on Puzme...

2 months after the launch of Puzme, our team keeps on working hard to improve your favourite dating app! Today we're happy to introduce you a new version of Puzme available for free: here is what the new features will bring you...

1. Finally, a dating app without Facebook!

Some of you asked us if it was possible: yes it is! Now Puzme allows you to create your profile through 2 quick and monkey-proof methods...

  • You don't want to use your Facebook account to create your Puzme profile? Not a problem, just choose the "Via email" option. By the way, don't forget to introduce a true email address because in order to avoid fake profiles, you'll receive a confirmation email.
  • Of course you can always create your Puzme account in 1 click thanks to the Facebook button. Stay reassured: nothing will be shared on your behalf and everything is encrypted in a secure way. The advantage? No need to fill in your email address, your age and your gender, neither to choose a password (that you will forget ;)

2. Have I seen all the singles around, or not?

Good news: with this new Puzme version, now the screen here below will show up once you've played with all the nice people in your area. By default, you see people in a 100 km range, and you can always edit this radius depending of your preferences!

3. A clear view regarding the challenges...

Was it a bit difficult for you to see the difference between the new challenges and the previous ones? Forget it, we revamped the interface: now you can easily find all waiting challenges in a sliding tab above. You'll discover these new waiting challenges by sliding to the right, while the central tab just below will gather all your ongoing challenges. Isn't it nice?

How can I get this new Puzme version?

Just go in the app updates section of your smartphone, then check if the Puzme update is waiting for you. If you don't see anything, that means your smartphone already installed the new version of Puzme... And if you don't have Puzme on your phone anymore, you simply can download for free this new version, by clicking the link here below!

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