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5 tips to be more successful

on Puzme...

You already downloaded this new dating app where singles exchange seducing details each other?
Now you ask yourself how to catch the attention of the most beautiful profiles on this (free) Tinder alternative?

No worry, here are a few tips...

Tip #1

On Puzme, the game starts by unveiling one charming detail of yourself!

Needless to say a nice pic of your seducing detail will make the difference.
To achieve that, try to shoot your beauty detail with a good light. Don't hesitate to strike a pose, the more catchy and attractive your detail will be, the more people will be keen to engage with you... Come on, turn your #selfie mode on!

Tip #2

Ever wondered what's your most seducing detail?
Well, that's something you can discover on Puzme by driving a little experiment.
How? Just change your beauty detail from time to time (every 10 days, for instance). This way you'll be able to test the seducing power of each little detail of you!

Tip #3

You've received on Puzme a challenge from someone asking you to unveil your charming smile or your pretty eyes? No need to zoom on it directly ;) First take a wide pic of your face.

In the next step Puzme will allow you to crop on the seducing detail you want to send.
The result will be better!

Tip #4

Gentlemen, you already know it: women are subtle and sensitive.
So yes, it's better to highlight your classy side, your creative attitude or just your Colgate smile, you'll definitely be more successful!

Astuce #5

The bigger the Puzme community is, the more you'll meet profiles you might be interested in...

So dare to share this blogpost tagging some friends of you who are singles :)

This way they will discover this fun dating app thanks to you!

Download this free Tinder alternative
Download this free Tinder alternative
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